War Walker build – start to finish

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Working my way through the Eldar Battleforce box.


Tonight’s Project

Wave Serpent was built! Not the big project I hinted at earlier, but still a useful cog in the machine. Or maybe aesthetically pleasing gem in the wraithbone?


Something BIG is coming

Just ordered [censored on orders of Inquisitor Davos, Ordo Xenos  =][=   ] from Forge World!! Will update with pics when it gets in. Will DEFINITELY blog its process.

Dark Reaper Color Scheme

The color scheme for the Dark Reapers. I only had four colors when painting it, but I like the scheme. Again, not Golden Demon quality, but GEFTT (Good Enough For The Tabletop).

Fire Dragons

The first picture shows the progress of the models, from “just started” to “almost there” to “eh, good enough for the tabletop”. I’m not a fan of painting, and I know I won’t win awards for it. My goal is for the army to look clean (at a distance) on the tabletop.

The second picture is the “completed” Fire Dragon squad. I say completed because I may change some things, but they’re good enough for the tabletop.

It’s coming…

Just setting this blog up. It will follow my modeling, painting, and gaming. For now, it will concentrate on my re-entry into Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 system, and the re-birth of my Eldar army.

Stay tuned…