Ok, I think I’ve done it. I’ve decided on the color (colour for the one guy who accessed this blog from the UK) scheme for my army.



One does not simply walk in the 41st millennium

Or do they?

If you’ve been paying attention to my (not very numerous) posts, you’ll know that I switched from a MechDar build to a FootDar build. Long story short, I got fed up with my inability to properly use the MechDar and the restrictions of the army as a whole. Recently I played a 2000 point game against some Deathwing with a foot build that I felt is an expansion from my Berks Spring Assault 3 list.

Here’s what I took as well as a short blurb as to why I took that unit:


“Eldrad”: It’s 2000 points, and I’m running Eldar. There is no reason to NOT take Eldrad. He’s 10% of my points, but his abilities still mean that he’s undercosted. This guy is technically a “counts as” Eldrad, because I’m running a fluffy list and as we all know the “real” Eldrad is Slaanesh’s new plaything.

Maugan Ra: I spent some time coming up with fluff for my army. I’ll do a post explaining it more in depth, but here’s a run down – Craftworld Tann-Loc has close associations with Altansar, both before and after (and maybe during) Altansar’s millennia long stay in the Eye of Terror. As such, Maugan Ra is almost as drawn to Tann-Loc as he is to Altansar. Plus, popping him in with a unit of Angry Death Clowns is just mean.


6 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch, Dragon’s Breath and a Wave Serpent (x2): I realize these guys aren’t true foot troops, but the list as a whole lacks serious anti tank power. Working together, they aren’t as much a suicide unit as a single unit would be. Plus have the two tanks zipping around will make opponents have to take the super fast movement into consideration.

7 Harlequins w/ kisses and a shadowseer: My counter-assault unit. These guys eat terminators for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Twice on Sundays. Having them lurk in the back field really discourages a straight up assault into the heart of my army. They have the added benefit of being hard to shoot at. Finally, teaming up with Maugan Ra makes this a super killy, and super expensive, unit.


10 Guardians w/ EML and a Warlock w/ embolden: Deckchair unit. ‘Nuff said.

5 Pathfinders (x2): These guys are ace. Pop them in cover, and as long as no one comes near with a flamer, the 2++ cover save they get is amazing. Better BS than guardians, and with the added benefit of getting AP1 shots on infantry and rending on vehicles.

10 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch and Defend: Tarpit. Designed to take an assault, or support the Angry Death Clowns.

10 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch: Honestly, these guys are just taking up space until I get another unit of guardians built.

Fast Attack: Fast attack? What’s that? Moving on…

Heavy Support:

Night Spinner (x2): If one Night Spinner is great, two is just mean. With two large blasts a turn, the number of dangerous tests my opponent will have to take is great. Besides, S6 and rending, twin-linked indirect fire is nothing to sneeze at.

4 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch and crack shot: I initially took them in my 1000 point list so I could have some good anti-MEQ shots. They performed so well that I decided to keep them in my 2000 point list. It also helps that they fit the fluff.

Write up for the 2000 point battle will be done later.


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Farseers, baby seals, and epic fails, oh my!

So we’re back from Berks Spring Assault 3, which was a LOT of fun. The Berks crew run a great event, and I’m definitely going back next year.

About 12 hours before we planned to arrive at the tournament, I decided that I wanted to try out a different approach to the Eldar. For the two months or so since I’ve gotten back into the 40k hobby, I’ve run Mechdar, to generally poor results, and felt like I should go in another direction. Seeing as I only have Eldar (and 5 Space Wolf terminators), I was kinda stuck with an Eldar army. But I like Eldar, so that’s ok.

Enter my take on FootDar: a Farseer, 7 Angry Death Clowns, Pathfinders, Guardians w/ EML and Dark reapers were all schlepping it. They were supported by a Night Spinner (more on this beauty later) and some Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent for some fun late-game objective grabbing. Anyways, onto the missions.

Mission 1: Modified Seize Ground (3 objectives, one MUST be in the centre and worth double the victory points)

I played a horde Tyranid list with a Doom of Malantai. Luckily for me, he dies to massed shuriken catapult fire. Unluckily for me, I still suffer against a horde list, especially genestealers. The Night Spinner was brilliant again in limiting movement. I lost by a huge margin. That said, this was the most fun game I had all day, mostly due to the opponent.

Mission 2: Some crazy thing where you and an opponent trade models and then try to kill them.

Not gonna lie, this game was kinda crappy. My opponent looked like this. I tabled him by the end of turn 3. We were actually told by the TO to play another game because we still had another hour left in the round. We didn’t, I decided to have lunch instead. It put up more of a fight.

Notes: What Dark Reapers do to power armor should be criminal to the point of forcing them to register as sex offenders. Pathfinders in ruins are brilliant; that 2+ cover save is wonderful at soaking up lascannon fire. Night Spinner continued to do well, taking out three out of five assault marines (one more died next turn from dangerous terrain). One final note, the pathfinders took out a dreadnought. Yeah, you read that right.

Mission 3: Pillage (Loot counters were placed, and you get VPs for holding them)

This was against a small army of Orks. Small because TWO battle wagons and GHAZGHKULL eat up a lot of points at the 1,000 limit. This game was basically a version of everyone’s favorite “Roll Dice and Tie”. It was a draw, but in reality I got my butt kicked.

Notes: Night Spinner didn’t do too much in this one, but then there wasn’t much to shoot at. Angry Death Clowns finally met their match – nobz. Granted, I forgot that Gaz declared a WAAAGH! the turn I charged them.

Mission 4: Annihilation (double victory points for units wiped out).

I played a Grey Knights list that was this: Coteaz, Psyfleman Dread, three units of five terminators (one with Thawn). This was my first time ever playing GK, and having heard so much about how over powered they are I was worried. Anyways, I ended the game with 1800 victory points and only gave up 150. Soooo, about those Grey Knights…

Notes: First off, I need to point out that my opponent was rolling too many ones. In one round of shooting, TEN guardians killed 4 out 5 terminators in one squad (they went on to kill off the survivor in assault, losing one guardian in the process). The Angry Death Clowns then wiped out the other two squads in two consecutive turns. Coteaz got a fatal case of shuriken poisoning, and the game ended before I could take out the dread.

Lessons Learned 

I am becoming a huge fan of the Night Spinner. Cannot wait to assemble my second one and try it out in a larger game. ADCs are worth the points. Guardians are decidedly “meh”, but a cheap deckchair unit. Dark Reapers aren’t bad, but I’ll need to play test them more (because, you know, 4 games in 12 hours isn’t enough). Finally, I like how my take on FootDar works, and will probably go this route with my army.

The Epic Fail 

Berks Spring Assault 3 gave out awards for achievements (or mishaps) throughout the day. The first player who met one of the conditions (blow up one’s Dark Angel with a “Get’s Hot” incident, melt someone’s face with a melta gun, etc) got a prize. However, once a condition was met then that was taken off the board and no one else could claim the prize.

I won one such prize: take out a vehicle with a sniper rifle. My prize? EPIC FAIL TOKENS!

Long Term Planning

The NOVA Open is almost here! Well, not really, but I need to make myself think it is in order to get my painting done in a reasonable manner.

My goal is to get one unit/vehicle painted each week between now and the end of August. “Wait a minute, that’s too much time!” you may cry. If I was actually going to stick to that schedule then yes, I’d be done by the end of June. But I’ll be studying for the bar exam, plus a trip to the Olympics this summer, not to mention TAKING the bar exam, all between now and NOVA Open.

Given all that, odds are I probably won’t stick to that schedule.

Some Thoughts

I’ve played several 40k games over the past two months, and I’ve lost most of them. That said, I believe you learn a lot more from a loss than a win and this theory holds true. The biggest lesson learned is that I have no way of dealing with horde armies.

I’ve had three games against Tyranids and one against The Green Tide, and all have been resounding losses on my part. It’s a combination of me having very few weapons capable of putting a dent into large squads and fielding a small army.

However, I think I’ve managed to come up with a few tweaks that may help the army deal with large numbers of troops. First, cut back on my anti-MEQ (two Fire Dragon squads in 1,000 points may be a bit too much) and replace them with Dire Avengers. While the humble Dire Avenger isn’t that great by himself, a fully kitted out squad will throw out 40 S4, AP5 shots at BS4. I’m not one for math-hammer, but I think even a large Boyz squad will not appreciate being hit by that.

I can also free up points by dropping my Angry Death Clowns* from any battle less than 2,000 points. The current game format emphasizes shooting over close combat, so more shuriken will compensate for the lack of CC punch. Plus, three Troop choices is better than two.

And my final lesson, nay, revelation: Night Spinners are AMAZING. Twin-linked ordnance, S6, rending, pinning AND forces dangerous terrain tests for 115 points is nothing short of phenomenal. I got to like them enough to forget I have Fire Prisms (which are also good, but god damn do I love the Night Spinner).

And now back to painting some Menites.