Some Thoughts

I’ve played several 40k games over the past two months, and I’ve lost most of them. That said, I believe you learn a lot more from a loss than a win and this theory holds true. The biggest lesson learned is that I have no way of dealing with horde armies.

I’ve had three games against Tyranids and one against The Green Tide, and all have been resounding losses on my part. It’s a combination of me having very few weapons capable of putting a dent into large squads and fielding a small army.

However, I think I’ve managed to come up with a few tweaks that may help the army deal with large numbers of troops. First, cut back on my anti-MEQ (two Fire Dragon squads in 1,000 points may be a bit too much) and replace them with Dire Avengers. While the humble Dire Avenger isn’t that great by himself, a fully kitted out squad will throw out 40 S4, AP5 shots at BS4. I’m not one for math-hammer, but I think even a large Boyz squad will not appreciate being hit by that.

I can also free up points by dropping my Angry Death Clowns* from any battle less than 2,000 points. The current game format emphasizes shooting over close combat, so more shuriken will compensate for the lack of CC punch. Plus, three Troop choices is better than two.

And my final lesson, nay, revelation: Night Spinners are AMAZING. Twin-linked ordnance, S6, rending, pinning AND forces dangerous terrain tests for 115 points is nothing short of phenomenal. I got to like them enough to forget I have Fire Prisms (which are also good, but god damn do I love the Night Spinner).

And now back to painting some Menites.



2 comments on “Some Thoughts

  1. Hi, I’m enjoying the tone of your blog and read this post.
    I wondered about the Night Spinner, which I’ve not tried playing yet. You say you were suffering to hordes, but also liked the way it plays – did it not help with them?

    Keep the reports coming!

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