One does not simply walk in the 41st millennium

Or do they?

If you’ve been paying attention to my (not very numerous) posts, you’ll know that I switched from a MechDar build to a FootDar build. Long story short, I got fed up with my inability to properly use the MechDar and the restrictions of the army as a whole. Recently I played a 2000 point game against some Deathwing with a foot build that I felt is an expansion from my Berks Spring Assault 3 list.

Here’s what I took as well as a short blurb as to why I took that unit:


“Eldrad”: It’s 2000 points, and I’m running Eldar. There is no reason to NOT take Eldrad. He’s 10% of my points, but his abilities still mean that he’s undercosted. This guy is technically a “counts as” Eldrad, because I’m running a fluffy list and as we all know the “real” Eldrad is Slaanesh’s new plaything.

Maugan Ra: I spent some time coming up with fluff for my army. I’ll do a post explaining it more in depth, but here’s a run down – Craftworld Tann-Loc has close associations with Altansar, both before and after (and maybe during) Altansar’s millennia long stay in the Eye of Terror. As such, Maugan Ra is almost as drawn to Tann-Loc as he is to Altansar. Plus, popping him in with a unit of Angry Death Clowns is just mean.


6 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch, Dragon’s Breath and a Wave Serpent (x2): I realize these guys aren’t true foot troops, but the list as a whole lacks serious anti tank power. Working together, they aren’t as much a suicide unit as a single unit would be. Plus have the two tanks zipping around will make opponents have to take the super fast movement into consideration.

7 Harlequins w/ kisses and a shadowseer: My counter-assault unit. These guys eat terminators for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Twice on Sundays. Having them lurk in the back field really discourages a straight up assault into the heart of my army. They have the added benefit of being hard to shoot at. Finally, teaming up with Maugan Ra makes this a super killy, and super expensive, unit.


10 Guardians w/ EML and a Warlock w/ embolden: Deckchair unit. ‘Nuff said.

5 Pathfinders (x2): These guys are ace. Pop them in cover, and as long as no one comes near with a flamer, the 2++ cover save they get is amazing. Better BS than guardians, and with the added benefit of getting AP1 shots on infantry and rending on vehicles.

10 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch and Defend: Tarpit. Designed to take an assault, or support the Angry Death Clowns.

10 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch: Honestly, these guys are just taking up space until I get another unit of guardians built.

Fast Attack: Fast attack? What’s that? Moving on…

Heavy Support:

Night Spinner (x2): If one Night Spinner is great, two is just mean. With two large blasts a turn, the number of dangerous tests my opponent will have to take is great. Besides, S6 and rending, twin-linked indirect fire is nothing to sneeze at.

4 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch and crack shot: I initially took them in my 1000 point list so I could have some good anti-MEQ shots. They performed so well that I decided to keep them in my 2000 point list. It also helps that they fit the fluff.

Write up for the 2000 point battle will be done later.


By The Lost Autarch Posted in Eldar

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