So, up until today, my FootDar list has looked something like this: Farseer, Maugan Ra (yes, really), 7 harlequins, 6 fire dragons in a wave serpent (they still have feet!), 2×10 dire avengers, 10 guardians, 2×5 pathfinders, 2x night spinners, and 4dark reapers. My last two games have seen me replace the dark reapers with some war walkers. Jury is still out on that, because I like both.

Anyways, my new and improved(?) FootDar list looks like this, with an explanation behind each choice also revealed:

Eldrad – This is a no brainer in a 2k list. He’s just so good. Yes, he’s 210 points but he’s STILL undercosted.

Avatar – I loved Maugan Ra, he was a beast. However, the Avatar is a huge army buff. Literally, HUGE; I’m using my FW model.

Harlequins – I love the models, and they’re a great counter assault unit. They have a Death Jester to add some shooty. For 10 points and a bitchin’ model I couldn’t stay away.

Wraithguard – For these guys I’m trusting the interweb wisdom. I haven’t used these guys since 3d edition, but I have the models, so it’s worth a shot.

Pathfinders – The ultimate backfield objective squatters. 2+ cover save? Yes please.

Dire Avengers (2 units) – Kitted out with an Exarch, defend, and shimmershield these guys are my tarpits and first line of defense up close.

Guardians (3 units) – Guided scatter lasers. That is all.

War Walkers (1 squadron of 3) – More scatter lasers. Possibly on the flank.

Wraithlord – Long range anti-tank plus a decent close combat machine.

Night Spinner – Never leave home without one!

And now to test this list out…