June 9 Beltway Gamers Tournament

So today I went to my third tournament of 2012, and this was the biggest one yet points wise – 2000 to be exact. Before I talk about the tournament, and how well/poorly I did, here’s my list.

Eldrad 210
Avatar 155
Harlequins (10) Shadowseer, Death Jester, Kisses 252
Wraithguard (5) 175
Spiritseer Conceal 46
Dire Avengers (10) Exarch, Bladestorm 147
Dire Avengers (10) Exarch, Bladestorm 147
Guardians (10) Scatterlaser 95
Warlock Conceal 40
Guardians (16) Scatterlaser 144
Warlock Conceal 40
Warp Spiders (6) Exarch, Additional Death Spinner 149
War Walkers 2x Scatterlaser 120
War Walkers 2x EML 140
Wraithlord Bright Lance, Wraithsword 140

What’s that, I hear you cry? No Night Spinners?! Not even one!?

Nope. Not one. I decided that I can’t do a “mostly” Footdar list with some mech elements. For me to get the best out of the army, I had to go full blown foot or mech. And given my horrible results with my mechanized lists in the past, I went with foot.

I changed out Maugan Ra to go with the Avatar for one simple reason: an Avatar with fortune is damned hard to kill. It’s also a great fire magnet, meaning that when things fire at the Avatar they aren’t firing at my squishier things. Plus the Forge World model is FANTASTIC, and I couldn’t resist using it. Ok, so that’s three reasons, but all are good.

I went with the Wraithguard instead of Fire Dragons because why not? I had the points, the models are pretty good, plus they’re MUCH more resilient. Always a good thing.

Anyways, a write up of my battles and some pics will be up in the next 24 hours. Here’s a teaser though: I didn’t place last!


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