6th Edition 40k and Eldar: Part 1

My overall take on 6th edition has been positive. The rules seem to place more of an emphasis on short-to-medium range shooting which, incidentally, Eldar are good at. New goodies such as the rulebook psychic powers also complement Eldar well. Yes, we only get 2 of the 6 disciplines, but we have access to what I think is the most powerful one: Divination. Telepathy isn’t bad either. Anyways, this post isn’t going to be a review of 6th and what rules suck and which don’t, etc. The rules are the rules, and that’s that. What I will be discussing is the general effect of the new edition on the Eldar. In a future post I’ll discuss what some viable army builds are, and then in a third I’ll clear up any rules or gameplay issues that will affect the Eldar.

Psychic Powers

I must admit that at first I was not only skeptical, but pissed. We only get access to a third of the powers? But Eldar are supposed to be THE psychic powerhouse in the 40k universe. Then the rulebook hit, I looked at the rules and powers, and calmed down. Divination is great, and telepathy is nothing to sneeze at. Both of the primaris powers make the disciplines worth it by themselves. Divination is full of army buffs (by my count 4 of the 6 random powers are worth taking) and Telepathy gives some much needed psychic offense. Cannot wait to use Psychic Shriek on a unit of Orks.

As for psychic defense, Eldar are clearly superior to others. Runes of Warding are a must, as they are hands down the best psychic defense in the game. Add to that the fact that many of our units come with psykers we have a 33% chance of dispelling any psychic attacks on our units.

Oh, and Eldrad is a monster.


So, Dark Eldar and Tau as bros, and most of the Imperium as frenemies. I don’t know how I feel about that. I can understand Tau being bros, and get that the Imperium are monkeys that we won’t shoot on sight, but Dark Eldar? REALLY?! I’m fairly certain there’s some animosity there.

Anyways, those are our options for allies. I took a unit of Grey Knights as allies (it’s fluffy, I promise! My army’s fluff/background will be posted in a future post) not because I wanted to take Paladins (I don’t), but because I kit-bashed some models (Dark Angel veterans with Grey Knights) which, if I do say so myself, look kinda sweet and want to use them.

Keep in mind that if using Imperial allies, any Runes of Warding will adversely affect those allies.

General Game Mechanics

Nothing really to talk about here, as these affect everyone the same. I’d say that the overall movement speed of a FootDar list has been slowed down slightly in that we can no longer Move-Fleet-Assault, but oh well.