Long Term Planning

The NOVA Open is almost here! Well, not really, but I need to make myself think it is in order to get my painting done in a reasonable manner.

My goal is to get one unit/vehicle painted each week between now and the end of August. “Wait a minute, that’s too much time!” you may cry. If I was actually going to stick to that schedule then yes, I’d be done by the end of June. But I’ll be studying for the bar exam, plus a trip to the Olympics this summer, not to mention TAKING the bar exam, all between now and NOVA Open.

Given all that, odds are I probably won’t stick to that schedule.



I just registered to go to the 2012 NOVA Open (http://www.novaopen.com/). This will be my first ever tournament. I am under no illusions of my ability to win (or rather, the lack thereof).

I plan on blogging my preparations. This will include painting my army (nothing is painted), and play testing my list. As I’m running Eldar, I realize the general meta is against me. Oh well, I just want to have fun.