Yet another project.

So, I really liked Warmachine/Hordes. However, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with Menite models or play style , so I decided to go in a different direction. I wanted to use the Hordes mechanic, and I wanted something that was the polar opposite of the slow but heavy-hitting followers of Menoth. Enter the Legion of Everblight!

Side note: given that I just traded in literally 22lbs of textbooks, I have $150+ of credit on Amazon. Time for some shopping!



Ok, I think I’ve done it. I’ve decided on the color (colour for the one guy who accessed this blog from the UK) scheme for my army.


Revenant Titan Progress

Progress so far! The legs are all pinned, as you can see from the green stuff. The upper portion of the body will be magnetized to aid in portability and pose-ability. Space Marine added for scale. If you look close enough, you can see that he soiled his power armor.

Tonight’s Project

Wave Serpent was built! Not the big project I hinted at earlier, but still a useful cog in the machine. Or maybe aesthetically pleasing gem in the wraithbone?