Primed sternguard (sergeant model missing)


Farseers, baby seals, and epic fails, oh my!

So we’re back from Berks Spring Assault 3, which was a LOT of fun. The Berks crew run a great event, and I’m definitely going back next year.

About 12 hours before we planned to arrive at the tournament, I decided that I wanted to try out a different approach to the Eldar. For the two months or so since I’ve gotten back into the 40k hobby, I’ve run Mechdar, to generally poor results, and felt like I should go in another direction. Seeing as I only have Eldar (and 5 Space Wolf terminators), I was kinda stuck with an Eldar army. But I like Eldar, so that’s ok.

Enter my take on FootDar: a Farseer, 7 Angry Death Clowns, Pathfinders, Guardians w/ EML and Dark reapers were all schlepping it. They were supported by a Night Spinner (more on this beauty later) and some Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent for some fun late-game objective grabbing. Anyways, onto the missions.

Mission 1: Modified Seize Ground (3 objectives, one MUST be in the centre and worth double the victory points)

I played a horde Tyranid list with a Doom of Malantai. Luckily for me, he dies to massed shuriken catapult fire. Unluckily for me, I still suffer against a horde list, especially genestealers. The Night Spinner was brilliant again in limiting movement. I lost by a huge margin. That said, this was the most fun game I had all day, mostly due to the opponent.

Mission 2: Some crazy thing where you and an opponent trade models and then try to kill them.

Not gonna lie, this game was kinda crappy. My opponent looked like this. I tabled him by the end of turn 3. We were actually told by the TO to play another game because we still had another hour left in the round. We didn’t, I decided to have lunch instead. It put up more of a fight.

Notes: What Dark Reapers do to power armor should be criminal to the point of forcing them to register as sex offenders. Pathfinders in ruins are brilliant; that 2+ cover save is wonderful at soaking up lascannon fire. Night Spinner continued to do well, taking out three out of five assault marines (one more died next turn from dangerous terrain). One final note, the pathfinders took out a dreadnought. Yeah, you read that right.

Mission 3: Pillage (Loot counters were placed, and you get VPs for holding them)

This was against a small army of Orks. Small because TWO battle wagons and GHAZGHKULL eat up a lot of points at the 1,000 limit. This game was basically a version of everyone’s favorite “Roll Dice and Tie”. It was a draw, but in reality I got my butt kicked.

Notes: Night Spinner didn’t do too much in this one, but then there wasn’t much to shoot at. Angry Death Clowns finally met their match – nobz. Granted, I forgot that Gaz declared a WAAAGH! the turn I charged them.

Mission 4: Annihilation (double victory points for units wiped out).

I played a Grey Knights list that was this: Coteaz, Psyfleman Dread, three units of five terminators (one with Thawn). This was my first time ever playing GK, and having heard so much about how over powered they are I was worried. Anyways, I ended the game with 1800 victory points and only gave up 150. Soooo, about those Grey Knights…

Notes: First off, I need to point out that my opponent was rolling too many ones. In one round of shooting, TEN guardians killed 4 out 5 terminators in one squad (they went on to kill off the survivor in assault, losing one guardian in the process). The Angry Death Clowns then wiped out the other two squads in two consecutive turns. Coteaz got a fatal case of shuriken poisoning, and the game ended before I could take out the dread.

Lessons Learned 

I am becoming a huge fan of the Night Spinner. Cannot wait to assemble my second one and try it out in a larger game. ADCs are worth the points. Guardians are decidedly “meh”, but a cheap deckchair unit. Dark Reapers aren’t bad, but I’ll need to play test them more (because, you know, 4 games in 12 hours isn’t enough). Finally, I like how my take on FootDar works, and will probably go this route with my army.

The Epic Fail 

Berks Spring Assault 3 gave out awards for achievements (or mishaps) throughout the day. The first player who met one of the conditions (blow up one’s Dark Angel with a “Get’s Hot” incident, melt someone’s face with a melta gun, etc) got a prize. However, once a condition was met then that was taken off the board and no one else could claim the prize.

I won one such prize: take out a vehicle with a sniper rifle. My prize? EPIC FAIL TOKENS!


So, I’ve gotten sucked into Warmachine. I was going to go my usual pointy-eared route and use Retribution, but something about the “KILL IT ALL WITH FIRE!” theme of Menoth spoke to me. Here’s my High Exemplar Kreoss as a work in progress:


The lighting isn’t the best, but oh well.

Cleansing Flames!

So, I’ve decided to get into some Warmachine. Specifically, the guys with all the flames, the Protectorate of Menoth.

There’s another money sink I didn’t need…


My graduation present to myself – a Forge World Revenant Titan!

I’ll be posting regular updates as the work on this behemoth continues. Here it is, taken out of the box.

Something BIG is coming

Just ordered [censored on orders of Inquisitor Davos, Ordo Xenos  =][=   ] from Forge World!! Will update with pics when it gets in. Will DEFINITELY blog its process.